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Voting Districts

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Voting Districts:



The term voting district was adopted by the Bureau of the Census to identify the districts, precincts, voting areas, or wards created by state and local governments to administer elections. 


What is gerrymandering?

Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing congressional district lines to benefit one party over the other.  The state legislatures are in charge of drawing the voting districts.


How does gerrymandering affect a citizen?

Gerrymandering affects a citizen's civil rights, his or her voice in governmenet, and the amount he or she has to spend on taxes.


Is there evidence that gerrymandering occurs?

Yes, there is evidence that gerrymandering does occur.  The voting districts in many states are designed in order to elect a certain candidate, making many elections to state legislatures predictable.  This in a sense is rigging elections.


What are the effects of gerrymandering?

There are many effects of gerrymandering:

1. Loss of Voting Power:

Citizens are losing their rights to choose the representatives they want as politicians are ensuring their own re-elction. 

2. Low voter turnout:

Since many times the elections are already determined due to the boundaries, voting becomes less likely to occur.



Are there any solutions to gerrymandering?

Restrictions can be placed on the process of redistricting.  If the process is regulated, the boundaries for certain districts will prove less rigged.  Politicians will have a harder time manipulating the voting districts for their own benfit.





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