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Terms for the Judiciary

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Terms for the Judiciary 


Judicial Review- The power of a court to refuse to enforce a law of government that in the opinion of the judges conflicts with the U.S. Constitution


Adversary System- A judicial system in which the court of law is a neutral arena where parties argue their differences.


Court of Appeals- A court with appellate jurisdiction that hears appeals from the decisions of lower courts       


Certiorari- A formal writ used to bring a case before the Supreme Court 


opinions of the court- An explanation of a decision of the Supreme Court or any other appellate court


concurring opinion- An opinion that agrees with the majority in a Supreme Court ruling but differs on the reasoning


dissenting opinion- An opinion that disagrees with the majority in a Supreme Court ruling


oral arguments- How a person asks the Supreme Court to look at their trial. This is all done through oral means

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mberry said

at 3:43 pm on Nov 29, 2009

I am not sure these cartoons are appropriate since you are not really discussing the criminal justice system, but rather the Judiciary Branch of the US Government. Missing several crucial terms...let's chat!

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