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So, to summarize...


Honestly, the best way to skim this chapter is to listen to and see all of the informational videos. But of course, that would be too easy. So here are some pointers on the important things, in case you need to study (or if you don't want to read this whole chapter... but you'd never do that). 


1.)  Congress is made up of two branches, the Senate and the House. The House is based on population size of the states while the Senate gives an equal voice to all of the states. You should be sick and tired of hearing this by now.


3.)  Congress has many powers, but it primarly passes legislation.


4.)  The Senate and the House have different functions. For example, the Senate convits a president during an impeachment.


5.)  Commmittees are structures that do various things that would take too long for the whole body (House or Senate) to do together. Some committees are attended by both the House and the Senate; others are specified for one or the other.


6.)  History of Congress- sorry, there's no summary of that.


7.)  There are two takes on Congress. The first is to say that it is natural for it to be slightly lethargic, as it has an enormous task to do and because it needs to satisfy the demands of millions of people. On the other hand, cynics see it as corrupt, guttered down by politics, and overall weak.











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Love the tone -- and know there is more coming!

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