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Project Tracker

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The following is a tracker of our collaborative project.  The topics under each chapter are REQUIRED for your chapters, but they are NOT exhuastive lists of what could (and maybe should) be included in your chapter. If you need to add more rows to your table, just add another underneath the last row by RIGHT clicking in the row and clicking on "Row" and then "Insert Row After".  You may change the title of your chapter, but not the overall topic.


PB Works Homepage
Dr. Berry's APGOV Homepage





Chapter 1 Introduction, Constitutional Underpinnings, Federalism


Jordan and Xander

Notes Blog Date SLD Date Status
Articles 1-3     10/25  10/27  Rough Draft workshop 10/29
Bill of Rights          
Federalism (3 types) Especially Fiscal Federalism
Checks and Balances/Separation of Powers          
The plans at the Convention (1787) and debate about Founding Fathers motivations (Roche v. Beard)          
Explanation and analysis of Implied Powers; Enumerated powers; commerce clause; Full Faith and Credit          

Federalists and anti-federalists





Chapter 2 Congress


Eddie and Jacob

Notes  Blog Date SLD Date  Status 
Implied v. Enumerated Powers     Oct 31   Nov 2  Rough Draft workshop 11/4
Requirements for office  and re-election
Two houses (bicameralism) and their relationships           
Pork Barrel, Credit Claiming, Case Work          
Leadership in both Houses (and seniority)          
Legislative Process          
Lobbyists' relationship with Congress          


Chapter 3 The Presidency


Safatul and Alex

Notes Blog Date SLD Date Status
Powers     Nov 4  Nov 6  Rough Draft workshop Nov 6
Cabinet, Executive Office of the President, and White House Staff          
Conflicts with Congress (including veto)
Electoral College          
Historical Turning points in the Office          
Presidential personality and diverse roles



Chapter 4 The Bureaucracy


Emma, Jason,


Notes Blog Date SLD Date Status
Structure (including Cabinet and Departments)     11/8  11/10  Rough Draft workshop 11/10
Definition of and role of          
Iron Triangle and Linkage Institutions           
Policy making vs. law enforcing           
Civil Service  (including Hatch Act)          
Independent Regulatory Agencies vs. Independent Executive Agencies          
Administrative Discretion          
Regulation and deregulation          
Public Policy          




Chapter 5 The Judicial System


Nick, Lena

Notes Blog Date SLD Date Status
Federal Court Structure     Nov 11  Nov 13  Rough Draft workshop 11/13
Constitutional Powers/Legislative Origins          
Key Supreme Courts (eg the Warren Court)/Cases          
Loose and Strict interpretation of the S.C.          



Chapter 6 The Electoral System


Sarah M. and Zach

Notes Blog Date SLD Date Status
Political Parties     11/15  11/17  Rough Draft workshop 11/17
Primaries vs. General Elections (caucuses, open primary, conventions)
Voting Districts and Gerrymandering          
Campaign Finance (and Reform -- including the most important laws)
Voter Participation and Media influence          
Soft money vs. Hard Money          
Role of PACs          
Referendum and Recall          
Electoral College          


Chapter 7 Media, Opinion, America's Political Culture and Civic Participation


Ariel, Sarah, Diego

Notes Blog Date SLD Date Status
Media involvement in campaigns     11/17  11/19  Rough Draft workshop 11/19
Public Opinion and the role of polling          
Civic Participation trends          
The responsible electorate and the rational voter          
Political Socialization          
Liberals vs. Conservatives          
Role of Investigative Journalism (imp. historical moments?)          
Different kinds of media (and the effect of the Internet)          
Bias and Sound Bite culture          



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