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President Videos

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A Presidential Parody



Our Future President - Clyde Trueman


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Cylde decides to run for Senate, based on his great potato growing skills, and local influence.


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Soon Clyde decides to make the jump from the Senate to the Presidency....like 16 of our Presidents have done. But is he eligible??


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On his campaign trail, Clyde was quite the eloquent speaker. Here he is in a closing statement in one of his debates.


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After getting elected, Clyde enlists several close aides to join his cabinet. Here is his Secretary of Defense:


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He was quite the influential President. Clyde frequently made rounds around cities in his motorcade, gathering support for his ambitions.


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However, like the presidents from the Gilded Age, Clyde did not defer from enjoying the luxuries and bribes. Here he is in Air Force One:


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And his.... executive massager?


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Comments (2)

Safatul said

at 2:18 pm on Dec 13, 2009

Is this a joke????

mberry said

at 11:38 am on Dec 15, 2009

Is what a joke Safatul? I think the early videos are fun and somewhat informative, but the latter 2 seem to lose focus....perhaps we should remove them?

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