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"We preach the virtues of democracy abroad. 

We must practice its duties here at home.

Voting is the first duty of democracy." -Lyndon B. Johnson




"A politician looks forward only to the next election.

A statesman looks forward to the next generation." -Thomas Jefferson





     Table of Contents:

  1. Elections Introduction
  2. Political Parties
  3. History of Political parties
  4. Views of Political parties
  5. Local Election
  6. State Elections
  7. National Elections
  8. Presidential Elections
  9. Electoral College
  10. Financing
  11. Voter Participation
  12. Voting Forms
  13. Voting Districts
  14. Other Elections
  15. Elections and the Media
  16. Problems in Elections
  17. Elections Summary
  18. Terms
  19. Get Connected Now
  20. Fun Stuff!
  21. Works Cited


Next Section: Elections Introduction

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mberry said

at 6:33 pm on Sep 20, 2009

Your image doesn't come up! Just FYI! And I think by jumping into a discussion of "Presidential Elections" you lead the reader to believe this chapter will only be about those...remember you are to discuss "elections" broadly!

mberry said

at 9:06 am on Nov 17, 2009

This image is striking!

mberry said

at 9:18 am on Nov 17, 2009

I tried to edit this page and it won't let me at the moment (maybe you are on-line)...but Participation is spelled wrong! :~)

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