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Elections and the Media

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     Elections and The Media



     The media in this day and age has had a large effect on the elections. This was seen during the 2008 elections with 24 hour news such as CNN and Fox News. These stations were broadcasting the elections from before the primaries up until election day. During this time period these stations were showing speeches, standings, and had political analysts come on the air discussing what the candidates were doing and analyzing their strategies. Then on days when a state or states had their primaries or caucuses the station would be updating the viewers with the standings as they came in from each voting district and even before the polls closed that day the station was able to safely say who would win the state because enough districts had tallied their votes. The same goes for the final election. On election day 2008 CNN was reporting if McCain or Obama had one a state as soon as the polls closed in those states. Also within ten minutes of when Obama won the election there was a barrage of status updates on Facebook announcing that Obama had won because the stations were able to get the information out so fast.   

     Commercials are also a large factor in the race for the president because it is a opportunity for the candidate to tell the nation their views and get their name out.


These are two good examples of campaign commercials:


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     Campaign commercials can be used for many things such as saying what the candidate will do for the country, show the other candidates weaknesses, and send a feel good message trying to get people to think that they are their friend. In some cases a candidate will only run commercials in a certain state that they are not sure they will win and then not play the commercial in a state that they know they have no chance in.   




Did you know? 

That P. Diddy, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and 50 Cent were in a political group called Citizen Change which created the slogan "Vote or Die!" which was spoofed in an episode of South Park. This was created because of the low voter turn out in America.  



     The Internet is also a major factor in the election and campaign process. This is because a candidate can email citizens their information if requested. The candidate would also have a website that would allow them to put their biography, stances on issues, how they will lead, a place where someone can donate, and previous political positions. Therefore because of the Internet it is much easier for a candidate to tell people about themselves an what they can do for the country, state, city, or town.   

     The media has also made campaigning much more expensive due to the costs of advertisment: print, radio, and commercials. All of these forms of advertisment are quite exspensive so because of this a canidadte must use their own miney or money raised from donations.



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