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APGOV e-text assignment

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This assignment will comprise the bulk of your work in the first semester (50% pf your overall grade).  The end product is a textbook-like chapter that includes images, graphs, tables, podcasts, videos, text, and anything else you think vital to covering and communicating the information in a valuable way.  The final chapter will be due at the end of the semester. 


The 50% will be broken down accordingly:

20% finished product (rubric to come soon)

10% blogs (see Blogger site)

20% Student Led Discussions


There are MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for each chapter!


We will use a Project Tracker to just make sure we are all on the same page with progress and due dates.   

Here is a list of resources (in no particular order) that you may find helpful in gathering information.  The list is not exhaustive and you may use other resources if they are 1) peer-reviewed and 2) scholarly/academic in nature.  You MAY use Wikipedia IF you find 2 other peer-reviews/scholarly sources to support the information you find there.


American Government (textbook used in previous years in APGOV) -- available in Dr.B's room.

You may borrow any of Dr. B's books with the caveat that you will not receive your grade until they are returned! :~)


There are several good cites about AP Gov to help you get started:


USA.gov (go to the teens section)


The Statistical Abstract of America (Census Bureau -- might really help with charts and graphs)

US Constitution.net (not pretty but useful)

Useful links (personal website that links to education or govt sponsored sites)



Type these titles into google and you'll find the sites!

Library of Congress (all)

United States Congress (Congress)

The White House (presidency)

The United States Cabinet (bureaucracy and presidency)

Center for Responsive Politics (election and participation)

Cornell Law School Supreme Court Case Collection (Judiciary)

The Federalist Papers (Constitution, federalism)


National Conference of State Legislatures (federalism)

US Constitution.net

Congress Link (Congress)

Oyez: US Supreme Court Multimedia (Judiciary)

The United States Supreme Court (Judiciary)

Public Opinion Online (elections and participation)

Project Vote Smart (elections and participation)

C-Span (all)

The Federal Election Commission (elections)

Center for Media and Democracy (media)




PB Works Homepage
Dr. Berry's APGOV Homepage



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