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Agencies and Corporations

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Independent Executive Agencies

Independent Executive Agencies are part of the Executive Branch, but are not included in any Executive departments but are under the direct jurisdiction of the White House. The president appoints the heads of these agencies, with some requiring further confirmation from the Senate, to do the work of the government and the president, in particular. The employees of these agencies are called civil servants. There are over 100 independent agencies, varying in size, budget allotments, and power, but a few examples include:


CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

President George W. Bush speaking at CIA building




Left: President John Kennedy talking with NASA under a spaceship  Right: All the adventures NASA takes part in


right: http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/134761main_nasa47th_516.jpg


Peace Corps

President John F. Kennedy shakes hands with a Peace Corps volunteer




Independent Regulatory Agencies

Independent Regulatory Agencies were established by legislative act in the hopes of setting standards in some part of the private sector of economy and/or society. Their responsibility is not only to set standards but to enforce them, allowing them to have legislative force of law and judicial powers to conduct hearings and pass judgments concerning adherence to regulations. Some of these independent regulatory agencies include:


FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

IRS (Internal Revenue System)

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

YouTube plugin error

Video of Janet Jackson's clothing malfunction at in her performance with Justin Timberlake, exemplifing the resbonsibilities of the FCC -- from youtube


Government Corporations 

Government Corporations are employed to achieve policy goals. In other words, Government Corporations do a “job” but do not earn a profit. A Government Corporation is a government agency, created by Congress, to provide a market-oriented public service. They are required to produce revenues that meet expenditures. Some include:



Postal Service



Schools on state level not federal


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